Brass Compression Fittings

Brass Compression fittings are couplings intended by engineers to connect one or multiple pipes to a fixture or valve. These fittings are having three components- the compression nut, ring, and seat. Vision Internationals professionals are having full-fledge range of brass compression fittings and brass pipe fittings used by distinct clients all over the world.

Leading manufacturers suggest proper lubrication practice should be done before installation of the compression nut threads. You should never over-tighten the fitting and especially when you are using a plastic pipe. You can’t use them on bent tubing.

Material: Any special brass material compositions as per customer’s requirment.

Threads: ISO metric, MM, PG, BSW, BSP, BSB, BSF, BA, NPT, NPTF, UNC, UNF, UNEF etc. Any threads as per customer's design.

Vibration Resistance: Short Nut - Fair, Long Nut - Improved

Working Pressure: 400 PSI Maximum based on tubing size ALWAYS consult tubing specifications.

Conformance: Vatsalyas functional requirements of SAE as indicated by configuration.

Applications: Air, oil, water, lubricant and other applications which use brass, copper, aluminum and thermoplastic tubing. Use of thermoplastic tubing requires a brass insert
(Fitting Configuration 60AE)

 Temperature Range:


 -65 to +212°F

 Lower costs based on fewer vendors

 -54 to +100°C

 More sales opportunities 



 Faster, more reliable assembly.

 No special tube prep required.

 One-stop shop for all needs.

 Wide range of sizes and styles.
Conforms to more customers requirements.  Extruded and Forged available

The range includes tees, flanges, connectors, sleeves, nuts, and assembly.



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